Takeaways can now save £000s thanks to this.

Takeaways can now save £000s thanks to this.

Cholo are proud to launch CholoEAT – an amazing new system designed to help restaurants and takeaways increase their profitability with branded takeaway online ordering apps and websites. We create an online food ordering system that is built around your brand. As part of this system you have your own, branded website through which customer can order from your restaurant. Your website will be optimised for mobile and have click to call enabled, so that customers have an easy way to call through to order their takeaway. As well as the branded website, you will have a branded app that will make your business a part of your customer’s phone home screen. That way – you are right there when they need to order.  

CholoEAT  also provides you with a takeaway EPOS with online ordering. The epos system is fully integrated with online ordering allowing you to have one system for online orders, walk-ins and phone ins. This epos system also works for any restaurant, and it will work for any device. If you have been looking for an IPAD epos system then look no further because the epos system from choloEAT is compatible with apple, android and windows. To make the management of your orders as simple as possible you will be able to have a printer that will automatically print out the orders, and if you wish you can choose the wireless printer option.

This complete system will not only help you with managing the orders you receive but it will help you to run better marketing campaigns so that you will receive more orders. There is an autopilot option that uses your customer database to automatically reach out to your customers with promotions for special events in their lives such as birthdays and anniversaries. As well as the automatic promotions, you will be able to grow your customer database and have easy to use tools to allow you to market to all the customers in your database with one easy click. You can send SMS messages or emails to all of your customer at once. The system will also allow you to promote any offers you are running on social media sites. The company also provides SEO services so that your online ordering web page will be ranked by google so as to drive conversions when customers google for your business.

Ever wanted to run a loyalty points system but not known how, well as part of the services provided you will be able to have a points system to encourage your customer to keep coming back to you.

The largest benefit of this system is that you are not tied into a commission system. You pay one low weekly fee for the services provided. This means that the money from your customers goes directly to you, using whichever payment method you prefer (PayPal, Credit Cards or even Cash), you have a real incentive to build your orders through this system as with no commission to pay, the more orders you have the more profit you will be making.

With take away Apps combined with online ordering and integrated EPOS, we Cholo are  hopeful that takeaways can make substantial savings and not be tied in expensive portals taking up to 20% of their profits. For more details of the system visit choloeat.co.uk.

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