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“The most important part of design is finding all the issues to be resolved. The rest are details" - Soumeet Lanka

What do we do?

We provide a complete package ranging from logo design, branding and website to e-commerce, digital marketing, SEO and web application development. No job too big and no business too small.

Design & Branding

A company brand is the first impression and also the first opportunity to create a connection with the customer. We create designs and branding material which expresses your company’s personality and values leading to its identity. This can be through logo specifications, printed and digital media, typography sets, colour guidelines and more.

Web Development

The world as we know it is a very connected one and can be complicated to navigate. We help to bridge the gap between users and the information they need, by building experiences which are intuitive, user centric and engaging. Our websites are constructed to provide consistent and seamless functionality across various device platforms and browsers.

Social Media

With a third of the world’s population now using social media as a means of interaction, it has also become the fastest growing means of attracting the right customer base. Social media marketing strategies provide a means to communicate effectively to your target audience, grow your brand reach, showcase promotions and gather customer feedback.

App & iOS

The need for applications and functionality with a purpose has become an integral part of our digital lifestyle in this day and age. If you have a need to develop an application to serve a particular need or functionality through a device platform, we can help execute an app to serve this purpose using a variety of languages.


What you want to say and how you say it in your marketing material ensures that the correct aspects are translated to your customer in order to achieve what you have set out to achieve. This can be through creative and effective designs, mapped out across physical and virtual material, through different mediums and platforms.


As customers become more digital, the need for companies to conduct business electronically has also increased. We create online shops and purchasing experiences for various verticals enabling customers to have a seamless means of purchasing online and across various platforms, whether on desktop, mobile or tablet.


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