What’s new in WordPress 4.9?

WordPress always keeps improving user experience by regularly releasing updates and patches. WordPress 4.9 was currently scheduled for release on 14th of November 2017, along with the initial beta being available since 4th of October.

Let’s have a  look at all the WordPress 4.9 features which you need to know. Currently, the update is still in beta phase so it is advisable that you test WordPress 4.9 on a staging website for now.

So What Are The New Features In WordPress 4.9?

Listed below are some of the WordPress 4.9 features that should make you happy:

  • Drafting and scheduling updates in the Customizer
  • A preview link in the Customizer
  • Improved theme browsing in the Customizer
  • A new Gallery Widget
  • Add media to text widgets
  • Videos from providers apart from YouTube and Video is supported in the Video widget


Updates to drafting and scheduling in the Customizer

 One of the very useful WordPress 4.9 feature is the update to the drafting and scheduling in the Customizer. Users can now see changes in the theme that are yet to be saved. Which means pending changes in the customizer will now be loaded automatically when next the users log on to their WordPress admin.

Also, users should be able to schedule theme adjust in their customizer coming on WordPress 4.9

A preview link in the Customizer

 WordPress 4.9 will allow its users to share their preview with other people who do not even need to log in to see it.

Improved theme browsing in the Customizer

 We have a new important WordPress 4.9 feature which enhances the user knowledge included improved theme browsing experience within the Customizer. Users can do separate search for installed themes and uninstalled themes on WordPress 4.9

A New Gallery Widget

 A gallery widget has been introduced to make it easier for its users to add images in the sidebar on WordPress 4.9

This same gallery widget will allow you to set some images and columns you like in the sidebar.

Add Media To Text Widgets

 Adding media to text widgets has been made easy with WordPress 4.9. Users do not need to have any HTML and CSS knowledge anymore before they include images in the text widgets. With only a single click of a button, users can now include images in the text widgets.

Video Widget Supports Videos Apart From YouTube and Video

 Video widget only supported videos from Video and YouTube till WordPress 4.8, but in WordPress 4.9, things are really going to change for better. Videos from other providers apart from YouTube and Video will also be supported in new WordPress 4.9. This means that the oEmbed and thumbnail will be enabled for other video providers as well.

What will Developers enjoy on WordPress 4.9?

The WordPress 4 .9 functions we discussed to this point are front-end development as they are focused in the direction of non-tech individuals.

These are what the developers will enjoy on WordPress 4.9:

 Plug-in editor and Theme will now have Code Mirror editor

  • Extendable control for code editor
  • Global notification area
  • Date and time in the Customizer
  • Enhanced usability of Customize JS API

Want To Test WordPress 4.9?

 You need a staging site to test run WordPress 4.9 since it is beta, don’t test it on a live website.

Once you have a staging WordPress site, install the WordPress Beta Tester plug-in, go to Tools and then Beta Testing. Choose bleeding edge night lines and save the changes. Hover on the Dash panel, then choose Update and then update your WordPress to WordPress 4.9.

 In Conclusion

We hope you have now got a fairly good idea of what you can expect in WordPress 4.9.

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