Georgia Fried Chicken

Digital Menu Design &
Crave-Worthy Captures

We have worked together with Georgia Fried Chicken! We've snapped new photographs & videos of their delicious food and redesigned their digital menu. Continue reading to see the results.

What We Set Out To Do

Georgia Fried Chicken, a recognised and popular takeaway in Oldham, has asked us to take new photographs & videos of their food, design a digital menu as well as digital displays.

The visual appeal of a brand is as important as the taste & service the business provides. Whilst the product keeps the customers coming back. It’s the branding & marketing that attracts consumers' attention. 


Since Georgia Fried Chicken are already a recognised brand & loved by many, our focus was to truly capture the essence of their food. We wanted the people who glance upon their menu & their pictures, to truly crave these juicy creations.

Capturing Temptation: Photography Focus

We aimed to capture the true essence of Georgia Fried Chicken's burgers. Through tempting photography, we strived to showcase the textures, structure and the juicy sauces, making the food truly shine . The perspective chosen was deliberate – zoomed in, close ups that truly capture the essense of the food. Just like a customer would see their food at an eye level, we wanted them to imagine grabing hold of this delicious goodness.

Georgia fried chicken food photography
Georgias Fried Chicken Photoshoot

Lightbox Menu Designs

Navigating the menu is now a visual journey. Our lightbox menu designs are a blend of simplicity and accessibility, aiming to enhance the customer's choosing experience all the whilst making it look really good. Each section is thoughtfully accompanied by mouthwatering images, providing a clear visual guide. The design strikes a balance – uncluttered, readable texts ensure that customers can easily decipher menu options even from a distance.

Eye-Catching Displays: Attracting Attention

Not just displays, but attention magnets. Our designs are tailored to captivate customers, seamlessly fitting both display screens and social media stories. The emphasis is on simplicity and visibility. The strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs) are designed to draw customers in, urging them to order online and indulge in the deliciousness that awaits.

georgias light box menu design
georgias phone displays
georgia fried chicken digital_signage_

Videography - Capturing True Essence of Georgia

Our videos were aimed to elevate the irresistible deliciousness of Georgia's menu items. We focused on capturing the food in a way that would highlight all the best features, making these videos irresistible.

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