Peope using social media to engage with a charity.

62% Of charities have recognised an increase in engagement

62% Of charities that have incorporated social media into their community have noticed an increase in engagement.


Charities use social media to grow their audience and inspire more people to donate.

People often use social media to share positive events in their communities. Due to this, it is common for people to share charitable events more frequently. Non-profits should actively showcase their efforts to help those in need. By posting the progress and outcomes of their charity, they provide their audience with more insight behind the scenes.

It’s also important for charities to be transparent. Transparency helps reduce the doubts of people who have actively participated in the dotation process. Once your audience sees how their contribution has resulted in helping others, they would be more willing to donate once again. 

Currently, 87% of non-profits worldwide use social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top three platforms recommended to support your fundraisers and charities. Other platforms non-profits use are WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Youtube and TikTok.

It’s essential to know that the platform you use highly depends on the audience you are trying to reach, and it’s best to avoid using too many platforms at once. The goal should be to build a social media account that actively pursues engagement and creates a trusting community.

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