Why good branding is important for Halal and Islamic businesses

The Halal and Islamic sector has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years. Branding for Halal and Islamic businesses is relatively a new concept. There is immense potential and opportunity in branding a Halal and Islamic product or business.

Branding that is compliant with Shariah principles naturally embodies many values that companies all over the world are feeling the pressure to meet. With an expanding need to address the needs of this ever-growing market, it is important to communicate with your consumers. Being honest, accountable, and presenting your products truly are important for followers of Shariah principles. Islamic branding is not just ideal for brands that are considered Islamic, but the principles are great practice for businesses around the world.

Branding makes gaining new and more customers more easy as well as increases the value of a company and how well they can reach bigger and better markets. It is based on the perception of a company, their reputation, customer service, and even the logo. Branding increases the trust consumers have with the company because it builds credibility. Islamic and Halal Branding is very similar, but being completely transparent with ingredients and the way your products are made. Consumers like to see exactly what is in a product and how it is created before buying it as well as the honesty of companies that follow Shariah principles, just because they are good principles to follow. This not only reaches the Muslim community but another community of people that are very aware of companies and their branding. Muslim and Islamic brand owners have to make decisions to play up or down the country-of-origin of their products as well as decide what national associations might be associated with the company. Then a company can prioritize and tailor its company and to its demographic.

Muslims are nearly 1.6 billion of the world’s population. There is tremendous potential for brands from Western and Muslim countries to tap into and it’s on a viable path. Consumers are always looking for the best products available, and without branding, you aren’t allowing these customers to find the products that they are looking for.  Western brands are usually not compliant with  Islamic Shariah law and cannot be considered Halal, leaving a wide open space for Halal and Islamic businesses to fill the needs of these consumers. This impacts things such as hospitality, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other services and products.

It is always good to give customers what they want and need, especially letting them know that the goods they want do exist. Some say mixing branding and religion isn’t appropriate, but with the honesty of products, it is important to share with consumers. Western markets and their branding know what their markets needs and wants are, but Muslim markets have not adequately addressed the majority or minority needs in many different types of products and expertise. Branding for Halal and Islamic businesses are more important than ever as more people immigrate to western countries and their want for western-similar products is high. As a growing minority, their needs can’t be ignored any longer.

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